December 23, 2011

Need a last minute gift idea? makes it easy to donate something tangible to fight hunger, poverty and social injustice. And you get a card with a photograph of the object you’re donating to give as a gift.
Or how about a threadless t-shirt benefiting Unicef?
Designed by, each shirt costs the exact donation Unicef needs to deliver the object pictured on the shirt – from an $18.57 mosquito net up to a $300,000 cargo flight.


  1. I love the Threadless motorbike t-shirt and what better reason to buy it to support the work of UNICEF. Excellent designs!

  2. Ya the T-Shirt is simply cool

  3. Very cool t shirts. Let us support the UNICEF efforts to fight social injustice, poverty and hunger.

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  4. Two other ideas (easy and almost free) to suport UNICEF via donation of your old money

    1) this for the currencies still circulating
    2) via Euromoney24 for
    all the pre-EURO currencies you might have like Dutch guilders, German mark, Slovenian tolar, Austrian schilling, Portugese escudo, Spanish peseta, Belgian and Luxembourg franc, Maltese Lira, Irish pund, Koruna of Estonia and Slovakia - that migth be a nice way of using them. Only portage cost is the actual donation, because you can`t really use them anymore.