July 18, 2007


I'm driving a 26-foot diesel truck from Texas to New York, so forgive any lack of posts this week. But hopefully I’ll be able to check in with a few observations from the road.
On our first day, I counted a dozen empty billboards.
Is business that bad?

Not as awful as the truck stop outside Texarkana that replaced their men's room condom machine with this rip off:

July 9, 2007

personalized Wired magazine cover

I posted here awhile back on a promo that Xerox did with Wired magazine to send the first 5000 subscribers that responded their next issue with a customized cover.
Guess what finally arrived?

You can see some of the other 4999 custom covers in this flickr group.
Nice job for Wired. I still think Xerox could have gotten more out of this, but I guess kudos for not being too heavy-handed.
Here’s the site they created to let everyone else create their own fake cover. People seem to be having fun with it.

July 2, 2007

iPhone gets hotter

Here's another company taking advantage of the iPhone hype.
Playboy is offering iPlayboy, "a collection of hot pics, video and sounds specifically tailored to your new iPhone."

I will not be the guy watching porn on my phone, but plenty of others surely will.

My iPhone update

I can't (in good conscience) recommend that anyone spend $600 on a phone. But this little sucker does live up to the buzz.
So far I’ve used it to buy movie tickets to see Die Hard, watch The Simpsons trailer, wake up to the alarm, look up directions to several furniture stores and garage sales, email pictures of dining room tables to my girlfriend, listen to This American Life and oh yeah, make a few phone calls.

Seth at AC had it right, the conversation didn’t end Friday. People get excited when they see one. An elderly woman at Goodwill even asked me about it.
If you’re sick of hearing about the iPhone, I bet you haven’t played with one yet.