February 22, 2011

Are you sponsored yet?

When everyone gets their own reality TV show, the next logical step is a sponsor.
Miller High Life is offering sponsorship deals to average folks like us.
When I professed my love for their redesign, I also signed up for their newsletter. Just opened this one today:
Of course I signed up.
Looks like they're sending me a $1 signing bonus.
Only miss is the facebook integration. It just posted the pic I uploaded without any High Life imagery.
But I'm interested in where they take the campaign next.
I do remember another beer brand doing campaign awhile back sponsoring the events of real people. Felt more authentic. I think they delivered beer to backyard barbeques and house parties, then did billboards and banner ads, but I can't think of the brand. No luck on google. Do you remember it?

February 16, 2011

Does Mini have an anal fixation?

First, they want you to cram it in the boot. Now this:
Here's the extended :60 of their Super Bowl spot:

February 8, 2011

Are you too drunk to drive home, but sober enough to use the QR code reader app on your phone?

This ad hanging over a urinal in a bar bathroom has a QR code that automatically calls a cab.
You could argue that if I pull out my phone to use a QR code, I could just look up and call a cab company myself. But does the novelty factor make up for it?
At least it's a more practical placement than this taxi top ad for a similar Jose Cuervo app.