February 6, 2012

What was your favorite Super Bowl spot?

It was the year of cars again this year. My favorite spot was Chrysler’s Halftime in America. Great writing and Clint Eastwood VO.

I also really liked the Chevrolet apocalypse spot, until the forced jab at Ford.

I wanted to love Honda’s Matthew’s Day Off, but I can’t get past that it’s about the actor not the Ferris character. The online teaser actually hurt this one.

These weren’t my favs, but best online extension goes to Chevy Sonic’s LetsDoThis.com and Jack In The Box’s MarryBacon.com

2012 was also the year of dog (and there were some real dogs in the mix, looking at you Doritos) but after their platinum duds, Bud Light’s rescue dog tie-in was a welcome change.

And then there was Cars.com, which I’d actually put it in the middle of the pack.

I’m only including it here because lots of folks tweeted that the ad was inspired by Men in Black II…

…but I thought of How to Get Ahead in Advertising.

(If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and buy it now.)
Of course, the bottom of the barrel was GoDaddy, who were out-sexed by Telaflora and Fiat.
It’s also time for e-Trade to retire the baby. But I like how Fidelity stuck it to them them with a promoted tweet.


  1. It appears dogs are the new monkeys in SB advertising. Think I counted 6-7 spots that had canines in either lead or supporting role.

    Personally, I thought the CRV/Matthew Broderick spot was probably the best of the day, for no other reason than it invoked a movie that is such a touchstone to so many people. Think it also would have done even better had they only released their teaser and not the full spot ahead of time...

  2. very interesting videos...thanks to share with us.