May 26, 2007

Your kids deserve a brighter future

The local ABC affiliate reports that students in Fort Worth, Texas banned from participating in graduation ceremonies for failing a state exam decided to protest the school board’s decision.

However, one parent who joined the picket line did not help their cause.

“Let Are Kids Walk!”
Proof that poor communication just makes a case for your opposition.

May 22, 2007


This bit of street art is simple, surprising and it made me smile.
Can you say the same of your work? Not a bad goal to have.
Spotted in the men's room at Halcyon in Austin

May 17, 2007

If you got bad news, you wanna kick them blues

I'm quoting this story directly from the Dallas Morning News:
Cocaine ban extended
"A Dallas County judge on Wednesday extended the ban on the sale of Cocaine energy drinks until November. The Texas attorney general's office contends that the drink, which is marketed as "speed in a can" and a "legal alternative" to street drugs, is being illegally sold as an unapproved drug.
Cocaine – which contains as much caffeine as 3 ½ Red Bulls – has developed a large fan base among youths who frequent the MySpace and YouTube Web sites.
Las Vegas-based Redux Beverages, which makes the drink, says it is being targeted because of the name. The company is changing the name to Censored.
The ban prevents the distribution of 172,000 cans stored in warehouses in Dallas and Arlington."

I'm sure having your inventory stuck in a warehouse can't be good for business, but they're trying to make the best of it with the name change. I predict a red ink stamp logo. Should be good for a few more drops of publicity.
Of course, this article makes the judge look clueless. But the original case involved the brand advertising itself as both an alternative to illicit drugs and a dietary supplement, which the FDA tends to frown upon. (You can read more in this earlier Star-Telegram story.)
So do they have a smart marketing plan designed to generate free media coverage and are adapting to the fallout or did they get lucky with a grab bag of slimy tactics? Probably a bit of both.

(pictures yanked from The I Read It On The Internet Blog.)

May 14, 2007

Almost a grand slam

Nice campaign up around Dallas from Door Number 3.
But I have a quibble with the last line.
How long has it been since airlines served peanuts?
Sure, everyone gets the joke. But it would have been better to play with the ad cliché instead. I'd have gone with:
“Last time you had peanuts was on an airplane.”

May 12, 2007

...but they didn’t say where

This cup reads, “For A Good Time, Insert A Straw.”

It may have made me laugh for the wrong reason, but Coke is supposed to be fun. However, this just doesn’t feel like the right tone of voice for Boston Market. It’d be great for truck stops though.

May 6, 2007

Stars and sparking wine

Our Austin gang had another night of sushi and celebrity spotting on Saturday, this time at Kenichi. Director Dennis Lee was at the next table with Ryan Reynolds , George Newbern and what I assume were other crew members. They’re in town filming Fireflies in the Garden, which also stars Julie Roberts.

But I didn’t have a relevant reason to post about the evening until Jennifer ordered a glass of champagne. And got a can.
Champagne in a can may sound as refined as wine in box, but the winery owned by director Francis Ford Coppola knows what its doing. Named for his daughter, Sofia blanc de blancs sparkling wine is perfectly designed for club girls. It comes in a sleek, pink can with an expandable, bendy straw attached to the side.

You can read an in-depth review of the product here.

May 1, 2007

Happy Mother's Day Tip

I put this :10 on YouTube to send to my Mom.
But even she knows that doesn't make it "viral."