October 30, 2009

Are you going to dress up as a psycho the day after Halloween?

This Sunday is the 40th New York City Marathon and Asics is showing their support.

ING gets some bonus exposure as the title sponsor of the race.

But the Vita Coco product shot in this ad is so perfect that I wonder if there was some kind of arrangement between the brands and agency. Or maybe it was just an authenticity thing – who knew coconut water was a cult health drink with runners?

I like these better than their campaign from last year.

October 28, 2009

Would the world be a better place if someone painted over your ad?

My biggest conflict with this business is that so much advertising adds up to visual pollution. (Besides the fact that the majority is just plain bad.)
I was forced to think about the issue over the weekend, when I saw a few pieces of street art in the wooden frames where wild postings are usually plastered. Here’s my favorite:

Organized by Public Ad Campaign and operating under the name The Municipal Landscape Control Committee, volunteers and artists converted over 100 wild posting sites around the city.

The Flickr stream is worth checking out.
Adrants sums up the story here. While Animal New York continues their first hand coverage.

This was actually the second "New York Street Advertising Takeover" event. You can read about a great interactive map of the first on Wooster Collective.

I believe there’s an art to creating good advertising. So I enjoy highlighting the work that catches my eye on this blog. But it was nice to just see some art for a change.

October 27, 2009

Am I drunk?

I must be, because Svedka Vodka’s much maligned fembot campaign is growing on me.

The “turn yourself into a fembot” tool on their site is incredibly well done and unbelievably creepy.

October 26, 2009

What does the world need?

The Morgans Hotel Group wants to make your world a more interesting place.

I couldn’t get the QVR code from the print or wild postings to work, but the site is slick enough.

October 23, 2009

Can I steal this idea?

(click for larger image)

These fake flyers about stolen property for Allstate renters insurance are a really fun and smart idea. Great detail making the flyers look like they were taped up. But why black out the email addresses and phone numbers? It completely ruins the effect.

You can set up a voicemail number for less than 10 bucks a month. Why not use one with a funny greeting that reinforces the pitch?
Is there any downside to setting gmail and yahoo addresses to auto-reply with a similar message and link to find an agent near you?

October 22, 2009

Would a nine dollar burger take your mind off your troubles?

That's what a burger joint and brewery hopes the tourists in Times Square will think.

October 21, 2009

Why have women been left out of the health care debate?

That's the question the National Women's Law Center posed when they asked The Concept Farm to help address the inequality women face when it comes to health insurance.
So we created a site to inspire people to contact Congress and demand health care reform - also available in social media friendly widget form:

The campaign launched yesterday with an event in Washington.

So far NPR, US News & World Report, the Huffington Post and Katie Couric have picked up the story.

Watch CBS News Videos Online
(NOTE: My policy is not to promote my own work on this blog - unless it’s for a good cause. So if you agree that all women deserve fair health care, I hope you’ll help spread the word and visit the site to send Congress an email.)

October 14, 2009

Do you love capitalism?

Michael Moore doesn't, even though I assume it's been pretty good to him. Here are a few teaser posters for his latest film, Capitalism: A Love Story.

October 8, 2009

October 7, 2009

October 5, 2009

Is this sweet enough for ya?

There's a rule of thumb in advertising that goes something like, if all else fails put a baby or a puppy in the ad. The New York Lottery has taken this axiom to the extreme for their new Sweet Million game.

My only nitpick is that I wish the payoff line was "Which is pretty sweet."
But the online work is pretty funny.