February 1, 2007

When good work going bad ends well

You know a marketing stunt has gone wrong when my mom sends me an email about that "Turner marketing problem."

The Boston attack of the Mooninites from Aqua Teen Hunger Force has been covered everywhere from the washington post to ad age. (log in required) Later this video of the guys arrested for placing the displays playing with the media appeared. Bostonist has a good take on the aftermath. And Ariel at shake well before use got it right.

The dorks like me that actually enjoy watching a talking milkshake are eating this up. This shirt posted by wilbr on digg is a perfect example.

I'm sure it's all a pain for the corporate suits at Turner. And it's a shame that fear of terrorism lead to the disruption of a city. But it's great for the ATHF movie. It's sure to get fans even more passionate and other people to check it out.

The displays are similar to yet another cool project from the graffiti research lab. I first saw the LED throwie technique on instructables.

And here's Cartoon Network's on air apology done in the low key style of their promos that usually air during Adult Swim.

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