February 5, 2007

Making the Mooninites pay

Just saw this story on USA Today:
Turner Broadcasting to pay $2 million for Boston scare

Ouch. So do I still think it was worth the risk? You bet.
Fans are rallying around this more than any movie advertised during the Super Bowl™ for $2.6 million.

The Anti-Advertising Agency makes some excellent points in their recap and the Graffiti Research Lab reposted Interference Inc.'s own video footage of their LED displays going up.
(But G.R.L.'s Night Writer project is cooler, as most originals are.)

Or for a more academic take, Boing Boing points to a interesting deconstruction of the "Great ATHF Freak Out"

1 comment:

  1. Right.

    Faux-terrorism is the new "Snakes on a plane" hypegate.

    I just hope when ACTUAL TERRORISTS stick bombs under bridges and in the subway around Cambridge, someone is still unmarket-savvy enough to say something.

    But that's coming from a guy over 30.