January 29, 2007

The art of conversation

Another reason I wish I got a mini instead my Honda Civic Si.

The Account Directing dynamo, Kimberly, sent me this New York Times story by Barnaby Feber (log-in required) on mini's personalized billboards. A few quotes from the article:

"The boards, which usually carry typical advertising, are programmed to identify approaching Mini drivers through a coded signal from a radio chip embedded in their key fob."

"The messages are personal, based on questionnaires that owners filled out: “Mary, moving at the speed of justice,” if Mary is a lawyer, or “Mike, the special of the day is speed,” if Mike is a chef."

"The program was first suggested to Mini a year ago by Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners, a San Francisco advertising agency that wanted to intensify the already strong “tribal” feeling among Mini owners and stimulate their desire to support the brand, according to Greg Stern, a partner with the firm."

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