February 5, 2007

Big Game highlights

Plenty of other good folks starting conversations, so just a few quick thoughts from me. I saw my favorite Super Bowl™ commercials well before the game (K-Fed online and most of Coke's work in movie theaters) so the Promotion Pit gets my top pick.

But Coke did have the strongest presence with the best overall collection of work. And here's my girlfriend's favorite. In her eyes, everything Oprah does is gold.

Kudos to MySpace and ifilm for providing easy sources for viewing and sharing all the spots. I thought YouTube would have nailed it, but I gave up on their ranking system. And CBS provides another example of old media not quite getting it.

On another well-covered note, the consumer generated spots weren't as awful as I expected, but hopefully bad enough to make others think twice before continuing the trend.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to take a salesgenie.

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