February 2, 2007


Q.What should I get my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?
He’s the best-looking guy I’ve ever been with and my friends love him. But he’s been spending more time fixing up his car with the guys instead of going out like we did a month ago and he doesn’t send cute compliments when he replies to my texts anymore. So I really want to make it a special day.
I was thinking of buying a custom gearshift he can show off in the garage. Or maybe I should go get a little red number from Victoria's Secret and try to be sexy for him.
Which do you think will do more for our relationship?

A. Does your shampoo leave your hair feeling dry and frizzy?
Let’s assume it does, but the model in the commercial has plenty of shine and bounce. Do you stay brand loyal? Of course not. A great image doesn’t matter if the product is bad.
Relationships are how we rinse and lather our self-esteem. Your beau might seem great to the outside world, but if he isn’t treating you right, you deserve better.
Why aren't you curious what he’s planning for Valentine’s Day? you could just wait until a better bottle of conditioner comes along. Whatever you decide, go to Victoria's Secret, but buy something for yourself.

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