June 25, 2009

Is there really a secret to selling soda?

11 herbs and spices made The Colonel famous. But has anyone cared about Coca-cola’s formula since they got rid of the cocaine?

Maybe the strategy has been working for Dr. Pepper? They've been touting their 23 flavors for a while now.

I guess you can make a connection between the keyhole graphic and a secret being locked away. But it's a stretch. Selling the simple joy of having a Coca-Cola is much more true to the brand. (Remember “Have a Coke and a smile?”

I hope they just keep focusing on “Open Happiness."

On a side note, combining two words to form a nonsense word is the new black.

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  1. Cool blog!

    I always find it interesting that a simple, much loved product like Coke at times has to justify itself -- when the public fancy changes.

    Perfect example: a poll I read on electro-mech, a company that makes high school scoreboards, quizzed people on whether soda should be allowed to be sold in cafeterias. I guess there's whole lot of people who don't remember how much soda they drank during high school.

    Anyway, like 50% said sure, kids should be allowed to drink what they want, and schools aren't prisons. Comforting...in this age of political correctness.

    - Bud