April 24, 2009

Would you mind a little flagrant self-promotion?

A video we did at The Concept Farm for Greenpeace is up for a Webby People’s Voice Award.

If you’re feeling generous (and actually like the piece) please toss me a bone and go cast your vote before April 30th.
Just go to: http://pv.webbyawards.com/
-Register to vote (It’s easy)
-Click on “Online Film & Video Vote Now”
-Scroll down and click on “Public Service and Activism”
-Vote for “Breaking The Addiction”

Thanks and enjoy, BT


  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Nice concept but unfortunately a misguided message. Every old, tired extreme example was dredged up to make the point. Can we give the stranded polar bear a rest? By the way, how did you get to work today? I'm guessing it involved fossil fuel.

  2. Valid point on the polar bear. Such visuals may be tired, however they're far from extreme.
    I take the train to work, but that’s not relevant. Any individual alone can only do so much. We have to change entire systems to make a real difference – like favoring alternate energy sources over off-shore drilling. I don’t see anything misguided about that message.
    Thanks for checking it out, BT