April 23, 2009

When ad blogs attack

The gang at the The Denver Egotist don’t like the new menu and campaign that Chipotle has rolled out in their town.
So they’ve started an email carpet-bombing campaign asking people to send Chris Arnold, Director Of Hype, Hoopla and Ballyhoo at Chipotle their "Cheapotle Plea"

Being a fan of Chipotle's giant burritos and ads, I sent this:

From: AskACopywriter
To: Chris Arnold
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 3:07 PM
Subject: Couldn't agree more - Chipotle love
I discovered my love of Chipotle when I lived in Dallas and have spread the word around my new home in NYC.
The new advertising waters down everything I enjoy about Chipotle - Those giant burritos were already a bargain.
I hope you'll listen to these guys.
Thanks, BT

I was a bit surprised to get a personal reply:

From: "Chris Arnold"
To: AskACopywriter
Date: Wed, Apr 22, 2009 3:50 pm
Subject: RE: Couldn't agree more - Chipotle love
And the remain a bargain. We still do burritos. More than anything else we do. Problem is, many of our own customers don’t understand the variety of things we offer. So we’re trying to educate them, with a slightly different menu (and advertising to support it) that speaks to variety. For now, it’s only a test, and only happening in Denver. It’s entirely possible that we won’t like everything that comes from it. But it’s something we need to figure out.
Meantime, we still do everything we’ve always done – big burritos; food made with ingredients from more socially responsible sources, interactive service, each restaurant designed for the space it occupies, all of that.
While I appreciate your comments on the advertising, I merely ask that give us a chance to figure this out as we move through the test. Maybe we’ll land someplace even better.

Seems to me like the brand is in good hands.

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