January 30, 2008

Can we talk?

As part of his “Use New Marketing To Prove New Marketing” initiative, Joseph Jaffe sent me a copy of his new book, Join The Conversation, in exchange for a review. So here it is:
First off, I have to say that Joseph Jaffe writes like he talks. I’ll leave it to you to decide if that’s a good thing.

The book strives to make the case for engaging consumers in a give-and-take instead of continuing to foist one-way message on them. But it’s not a self-promotional, new marketing love-fest (at least not entirely.) Joseph points out the challenges and pitfalls of the experimentation he recommends, even as he shouts warnings about the dangers of doing nothing.
Join the Conversation feels like it’s written to people on the client side, but it’s worthwhile for agency folks as well. Especially creatives. I believe it’s up to us to use these new tools to craft even more compelling work. (But if you didn’t go to business school, you may want to skim a few pages every time you see a chart.)
So any marketing professional that wants to have a job in five years (or convincingly spew the latest buzzwords now) should read it.

In keeping with Jaffe’s spirit, I’m going to send my copy to the first person that emails me and agrees to write a review on their blog.
Or you can just buy it here.


  1. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Thanks for the review! Appreciate the sentiment and participation, and more importantly, the pay-it-forward approach which, coming from you, makes this program even more exciting in terms of its upside/potential.


  2. Anonymous10:39 AM

    You're welcome. And best of luck.