November 6, 2007

Will hot women have trouble getting paid to have their picture taken now?

Target is holding the “world's first virtual fashion show” in Grand Central today. Holograms of clothes will work the runway without models, so they're billing it as The Model-less Fashion Show.

Here's designer Isaac Mizrahi giving an enthusiastic interview:

And here he is shooting me a look:

They seemed to be gearing up for a large amount of press coverage.
I believe this is designer Keanan Duffy:

You can receive video by texting “modelless” to 827438 (Target) or just wait for them to post something at YouTube and their facebook group.
The actual show starts at noon today and repeats until midnight. So I'll check it out on my way home and post a few more pics tonight.
UPDATE: Turns out the actual show wasn't much different than what I saw in the morning during the media set up:

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