September 27, 2012

What's the secret to getting creative work done?

What's the one thing you need to actually execute your ideas?

You're probably not going to like it - at least I didn't. I've been trying to ignore this truth for over 25 years - and I've got pages and pages of wasted ideas to show for it.

The secret to getting creative work done can be summed up in one word.


“Daily quota for my insane daily process: 11 steps x 4 sheets/step = 44 pages.” – Austin Kleon

(Photo and caption stolen from his instagram.)

Tons more great inspiration and tips on his site.


  1. That is very true! I'm a copywriter and since I started to follow a set routine each day - set hours, set lunch break etc - my productivity has shot up. Before That I was working more hours but they were all over the place and I was definitely producing less.

  2. Same thing for me ! (I'm a copywriter too). Has someone written something to explain why does it work so ?

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