October 25, 2011

Before I turn 40

Today is my 39th birthday. Here’s what I want to achieve in the next year.

6. Become a creative director.
I love building brands and helping each member of my team do their best work. So I want to do my best too.

5. Buy a house.
We’re ready to put down roots. (And to stop paying for a storage unit full of stuff we might want once we have a house to put it in.)

4. Prioritize and execute my side projects.
Too many half-baked ideas and projects floating around. Either knock them out or let them go.

3. Touch my toes.
I don’t have any sudden desire to run a marathon, but it’d be nice to get in better shape before my midlife crisis kicks in.

2. Be a more patient and active listener with my wife.
She’s amazing and my best friend, so she deserves my respect and attention more than anything that pops into my head or on my phone.

1. Be present for my daughter every day – and fully engaged every minute we spend together.
Nothing brings me more joy and fulfillment. Enjoy each fleeting moment.

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