October 28, 2009

Would the world be a better place if someone painted over your ad?

My biggest conflict with this business is that so much advertising adds up to visual pollution. (Besides the fact that the majority is just plain bad.)
I was forced to think about the issue over the weekend, when I saw a few pieces of street art in the wooden frames where wild postings are usually plastered. Here’s my favorite:

Organized by Public Ad Campaign and operating under the name The Municipal Landscape Control Committee, volunteers and artists converted over 100 wild posting sites around the city.

The Flickr stream is worth checking out.
Adrants sums up the story here. While Animal New York continues their first hand coverage.

This was actually the second "New York Street Advertising Takeover" event. You can read about a great interactive map of the first on Wooster Collective.

I believe there’s an art to creating good advertising. So I enjoy highlighting the work that catches my eye on this blog. But it was nice to just see some art for a change.

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