August 7, 2009

Is it really OK to exaggerate to make a point?

I love the message of this Pepsi and Coca-cola logo comparison that made the rounds a few weeks ago. But I was bugged by that fact that it really wasn’t accurate.
So thanks to Brand New for putting this revision together.

Hat tip to Murketing for linking to this Thinking Aloud post which makes a few nice points.


  1. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Though I've always been a coke man, I too was bothered by the omissions of this piece. Their logo is still the better one – and a classic – but who are they kidding, it's had a face lift or two. And now, a century later, come full circle.

  2. i don't get the drama with this. the coca-cola has always been the same. the same script throughout the ages. Adding a TM here, a swish there has not altered the logo at all. It is the same.

    That was what the original post was about.

  3. How cool, that you even knew that it was not accurate and that you found a more accurate representation.

  4. wow....

    goof find.