August 4, 2009

Are you afraid of getting old and ill?

On my commute this morning, I saw several of these posters of the caduceus symbol with the herald's staff replaced with a cane.
Cool image. It is a commentary on health care reform? A teaser ad? Street art?

UPDATE: Turns out I'm still a sucker for teaser campaigns. Stefan left this link in the comments: Another mysterious site with a countdown clock.

UPDATE 2: Thanks to @TannerBoyd for figuring out that it's a countdown to the season premiere of House.


  1. Just saw a banner ad with the same graphic on a natgeo site. It sent me to:

  2. Watching Fox, I saw a commercial with nothing more than that image and web address.

    Who knows?

  3. aw man, that is was just for House was rather disappointing. :/