November 6, 2008

Not feeling well? Does this make you feel better about Tylenol?

They're offering New Yorkers a free ride anywhere in Manhattan today to promote their “warming liquids” cold medicine.

It’s parked at the CVS drugstore at 25th and 6th. And they’re handing out little brochures and coupons to convince people to get into the car with a stranger.

The front reads “Catch a warm ride home. It’s better than catching a cold.”

Great job of doing something extra to make life better for customers. (Especially on a dreary day.) Just goes to show that doing good is a good way to make your brand relevant.
You can see more of Tylenol’s Feel Better ads here.
Thanks to Rob for the tip.


  1. Maybe they should hand out disinfectant wipes for the door handles! I mean, good way to CATCH the cold. And then, go buy the Tylenol!

    Seriously though - it's a great public relations/marketing idea to generate a buzz. Would be nice if they had some ties to this in a campaign - do they? Like maybe man-on-the-street TV ads.

    Where's that Cash Cab guy when you need him???

  2. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Hey BT and Cynthia,

    Came across your article by chance.

    I am working for the company that supplies the London Taxis ( for the TYLENOL campaign. I want thank you very much for the kind words.

    We had a great time in NYC during the campaign and the feed back was really great from people on the street.

    Here is the rest of the schedule for the campaign:
    Boston (11/17 – 11/23), Philadelphia (12/1 – 12/7) and Washington DC (12/15 – 12/21)

    All the best,

    Jesper Jorgensen
    London Taxis of North America

    PS: regarding the door handles our street team members will actually hold the door for you instead.... ;o)