August 20, 2008

Will you marry me?

I’m getting married at the end of the month, then going on my honeymoon. So I won’t be posting for the next three weeks.

In the meantime, enjoy this collection of wedding themed ads:

That's the best one ever made.
All other commercials featuring weddings fall into five themes:

1. The crazy bride

2. Every Girl’s Dream

3. Sex

4. Something goes wrong

5.The groom trap – a.k.a. Beer ads


  1. Anonymous7:41 PM

    congrats, man!

  2. Congratulations man - I hope it all goes without a hitch (pun!) unlike all those "something goes wrong" ads. I agree that the VW Jetta ad is awesome. Have a great honeymoon and fab wedding day.

  3. congrats! i hope it's everything and more ;) does your wedding have a 'theme'?