October 12, 2007

Why not ask a copywriter about web design?

Q. Do you think this thing we've done to promote our little creative start-up is good? Or shit? See hightimewehadawebsite.com.
Cheers, Rob Mosley, Creative Director

A. Rob, I think it’s very good indeed. And you’ve certainly been getting attention from other advertising folks. So assuming that’s your goal, kudos.
To leverage this idea to attract potential clients as well, I think you need to go with the “Media: Mixed” concept. Not only because of where you could place the actual ads that become your web pages, but also because the crossover between off- and online is really interesting.
If you just want to go for laughs, it’s easy to see how “The Rocking Chair Test” could be a crowd favorite.
Good luck, BT

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