September 10, 2007

Warning: No tagline ahead

I was in Orlando over the weekend and saw this almost sold out display of Stok Black Coffee Shots at a 7-Eleven.

The warning feels a legal maneuver instead of a marketing line. But "Limit 2/day" did a better job of selling me on the strength of the product than a clever tagline ever could.

I also had a shocking realization at Disney World. We had some time to kill before we could fast pass Splash Mountain, so we rode It's a Small World. I'm man enough to admit that I enjoy the song and the big finale showing people from all over the world happily coexisting. But the dominant color of that scene never dawned on me before.

So we could all get along if only it was a WHITE world after all?

(But I still don't believe the rumors about Walt's dark side.)

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