September 3, 2007

Storage controversy

Manhattan Mini Storage’s latest campaign has generated some controversy. (You can see more of their ads here.)

Of course, getting people talking was their goal all along. Their latest ad tries to keep the conversation going.

I appreciate the use of “meshuggeneh.”

And according to the poll on their site people like their approach.


  1. They get credit for knowing their largely liberal audience (Manhattanites) and further endearing their brand to customers. Plus props for not trying to please everyone and speaking their mind.

  2. Seems like a less smug, totally tongue in cheek version of the old Benetton campaign to me. Love the body copy stuff about 17 locations etc.

  3. Unfortunately there is always a dark side to every opportunity.

  4. controversy about storage? this is the first time i heard such

  5. there shouldn't be a controversy after the talks.