August 16, 2007

Put your money where your mouth is

Spotted this along Madison Ave.

There’s a little line along the bottom that says something about “a revolution in pharmaceutical advertising.” So of course, redirects you to a slick agency site.
I assumed from the placement that they’re trying to poach some creative talent.
A quick search turned up this story trumpeting the fact that TBWA/WorldHealth is using their own “Disruption” tactics to rebrand their agency LLNS as LyonHeart.
Here’s how the press release sums up the campaign, “a series of unbranded initiatives intended to drive clients, prospects, industry leaders and potential employees to a website. The agency purchased space on outdoor kiosks (outside of key clients’ and prospects’ offices in New York City), provided free papers wrapped in the launch story, placed client-directed magazine feature stories and sent viral emails to drive viewers to their site and explain the agency’s new mission.”

Jargon aside, it's an effective job of showing what they do.

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