June 13, 2007

Car Sharing

Just read an article on Austin CarShare. I think it’s a great idea.
For a monthly membership fee, you can reserve a car parked at various spots around town. You unlock it with a special key fob and go. When you’re done, you just return it to the same place.

I'm looking forward to giving up my car when I move to New York, but it's reassuring to know zipcars offers the same service if I go through withdrawal.

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  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    BT, I tried ZipCar twice. The first time I went to pick up my car, the person before me still had it. I missed an appointment. The second time I went to pick up a car, it had something nasty on the front seat. And since there aren't a million cars available, it's pretty hard to get the time you want unless you book way in advance. Of course, renting cars isn't any better. In NYC, that could cost you $90-$150 a day with taxes/insurance at an Avis or Hertz. Bottom line, unless you are planning on living in Manhattan, I would keep your car. -GG