May 3, 2011

Is your ad making promises your employees can't keep?

Their "We try harder" tagline is relevant again thanks to this headline, but can Avis live up to it at the counter?


  1. And THAT, everyone, is the keo difference between advertising and marketing. As the famous Leo Burnett once said, "Marketing is moving product to people. Advertising is moving people to product."

    When our products (or services) don't match the promise of the advertising, that's a MARKETING problem. If Avis tweaked their service to be truly reflective of the advertising, then this is a great effort. If they didn't, and if they don't live up to the promise, it's a great way to dial up a big pile of hate.

    Advertising and marketing are only effective when both halves of the equation carry their own weight. One without the other = fail.

  2. One has to be sure when they say such things..!