February 22, 2011

Are you sponsored yet?

When everyone gets their own reality TV show, the next logical step is a sponsor.
Miller High Life is offering sponsorship deals to average folks like us.
When I professed my love for their redesign, I also signed up for their newsletter. Just opened this one today:
Of course I signed up.
Looks like they're sending me a $1 signing bonus.
Only miss is the facebook integration. It just posted the pic I uploaded without any High Life imagery.
But I'm interested in where they take the campaign next.
I do remember another beer brand doing campaign awhile back sponsoring the events of real people. Felt more authentic. I think they delivered beer to backyard barbeques and house parties, then did billboards and banner ads, but I can't think of the brand. No luck on google. Do you remember it?

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  1. Well, congratulations on your dollar. Thanks Miller High Life!

    visions unto myself