May 5, 2010

How much has advertising changed in the past 20 years?

When my parents moved recently, they discovered several "treasures" I'd long forgotten in their basement - including an unmarked VHS tape that turned out to be a program recorded my junior year of high school way back in 1990.
It's a news/documentary exposé, hosted by Deborah Norville, called "Sex, Buys & Advertising."

I've broken it down into YouTube friendly chunks and will post one a day. Enjoy.
This segment features Paulina Porizkova for Estee Lauder, Japanese commercials, Eddie Murphy for Toyota Celica, Arnold Schwarzenegger for Cup Noodle, Kelly McGillis, Meryl Streep, Gregory Hines, Paul Newman, Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon, Ed Koch for Slim Fast, Paul McCartney for Visa, Michael Jackson for Pepsi, Phil Dusenberry, BBDO, Michael J. Fox for Diet Pepsi, Alan Potash, the Madonna Pepsi controversy, Don Johnson for Diet Coke and the Cola Wars.

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  1. Japanese Commercial8:45 PM

    Great find - growing up during that time I'm surprised I never saw any of these. I am curious about the Michael J Fox one now - I was such a big fan of his after the Back to the Future series!