December 14, 2009

Do the 12 days of Christmas begin or end on the 25th?

Target has turned their Times Square billboards into an NYC inspired version of The Twelve Days of Christmas.

I love the bagels. (Now watch someone boycott Target for trying to convince kids that it's the Twelve Days of Hanukkah.)


  1. They begin on the 25th. "Twelfth Night," as in the Shakespeare play, is January 5, or Epiphany Eve.

  2. I like this series from Target.
    From a purely art direction angle, they are very nice. A clever balance of respect for tradition (crisp, clean, beautiful photography) and modern whimsy (copy). Thanks for posting it, I always look forward to what you post.

  3. I love it! This so well done, I wish they would have done it nationally. It's more civil and grown-up compared to their national holiday spot/ads. I guess they feel this level of sophistication doesn't play well elsewhere. Oh well, it's still very nice.