September 23, 2009

Which agency did the best ad for Advertising Week?

It’s Advertising Week! NYC is so packed with panel discussions and cocktail parties, you need a program to keep track:

And that program is full of ads from agencies. So who did the best one? I’ve scanned them, so you can decide.

Cool graphics from Barkley.

I'm not sure why BBDO would use classified ads as their graphic.

Colle McVoy tried out Augmented Reality with their ad and I didn't get much out of the "experience" but give them major points for experimenting with something new.

Deutsch shows their chops with their twitter handle, @deutschinc. And actually leads to a pretty robust social media hub for their activity this week.

I’m not looking up links for all these companies or trying to figure out what they're really trying to say with all those buzzwords.

A simple and smart inside joke to promote the Diversity forum DraftFCB is co-hosting.

Grey's fake facebook layout is fun way to present their client roster. But here's their actual facebook page.

IPG delivers exactly what you'd expect from a holding company.

So JWT actually invented the grilled cheese for Kraft? That's quite a case study.

"Like Cannes. Only with tops." Funny line from McCann.

I had never heard of Momentum before. Now I have and they seem pretty smart.

Climate change is a pet issue of mine, so I love Hopenhagen. Kudos to OgilvyEarth and partners for making it relevant.

I had never heard of Organic either. Not exactly creative, but solid.

Publicis plays it safe.

Rapp takes a stand.

TBWA realizes people still read and rewards them for it with a few gems in there like "Can we make a widget?"

Haven't heard of Unit7 either. But if they can get corporations to act responsibly, more power to them.

Uniworld Group is also new to me, but they're certainly positioned at the right crossroads for growth.

So do you like any of these? And why is it so difficult for agencies to do great ads from themselves?


  1. Agencies struggle to write great ads for themselves because they don't really know who or what they are. The points of difference between them are minute and they are all struggling to change and adapt to the new stuff while simulataneously hanging on to the old stuff. It's hard to be an ad agency these days: the consumers are getting to write the ads and the clients are getting cheap.

    Thanks for posting all those...really enjoyed checking them out.

  2. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Thanks for posting