April 3, 2008

When did your mom become a graffiti artist?

Spotted this hand-drawn inspirational quote on the Metro-North train.

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  1. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Can we take a step back here and discuss the flawed logic of that statement? It sounds sweet when you're six, but as adults, we realize that the moon is, in fact, far closer to us than any stars.

    In reality, if you shoot for the moon and miss, you either plummet back into the ocean because you weren't going fast enough to escape Earth's gravity, you remain in stable orbit around the planet, or you spiral off into space.

    Maybe a paradigm shift is needed: "Try to sleep with the hot one, 'cause even if she turns you down you might still have a shot with her friend."

    That's much more motivational, and I think it captures the spirit of the original without the blatant falsehood*.

    * = let's be honest, you never had a shot with her friend, either, but your buddies might believe you did, and they'll never believe the moon is farther than the stars.