March 25, 2008

Thirsty for a better option?

Scanned this campaign from Gotham magazine.

The copy begins: “America uses 100 billion plastic grocery bags a year. If we all brought our own bags, we’d begin to help save the 100,000 sea animals that dies every year from plastic garbage.”

The copy begins: “68% of our birds have disappeared in the past 40 years. But by recycling this magazine you can help to keep one more tree for a bird to nest in.”
The hypocrisy of selling bottled water by encouraging people to recycle magazines and plastic shopping bags makes my creative soul hurt.
Thank goodness someone else in the industry is already pointing the way to salvation. (Co-founded by Mark DiMassimo of agency, DIGO) is a project designed to send a wake up call to consumers to abandon plastic bottles in favor of tap water. (You can order your own Tappening bottle here.)
I’ve sworn off bottled water, will you?


  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    The gall.

    Maybe for their next campaign they can license Chris Jordan's "Plastic Bottles" (third down).

  2. Anonymous4:05 PM

    By Jordan's stats, that would be

    2,000,0000 bottles every 5 min
    x 12 (to switch to hours)
    x 8767 hours in a year=
    210,408,000,000 bottles tossed in the US a year.

    Which is MORE THAN TWICE the number of plastic bags they bemoan.