February 3, 2008

Are Sales Genie's Super Bowl ads racist or just bad?

Esurance made a name for themselves with a cute animation based campaign. But have you ever wondered, "What if they were racist?"

Well, Sales Genie provided the answer.

They took a less than politically correct tact by portraying a Panda with a questionable Asian accent and an Indian man with 7 kids.

The Chairman of the company, Vin Gupta, was quoted saying that he’d be thrilled to have the worst Super Bowl spot again this year.

“If it positively impacts business like it did last year, we’d be thrilled to be the worst again.”

And he achieved his goal by writing the ads himself.

I sent Mr. Gupta an email asking for a response. I’ll let you know if get a reply. Or you can contact him yourself here.

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