May 14, 2007

Almost a grand slam

Nice campaign up around Dallas from Door Number 3.
But I have a quibble with the last line.
How long has it been since airlines served peanuts?
Sure, everyone gets the joke. But it would have been better to play with the ad cliché instead. I'd have gone with:
“Last time you had peanuts was on an airplane.”

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  1. Gotta say it, Brian:

    I fucking HATE this campaign.
    THis is a spectacular campaign idea, spectacularly underdelivered.

    Baseball is tied to so many wonderful things - these four executions SO do not approach that experience.

    Now I'll be the first to point out that A) you could get this experience in Frisco for $4 and not have to go to fucking ARLINGTON (cue the tuba) and B) the baseball coming out of the Rangers right now is just shy of "the worst in baseball this year" to paraphrase the Ticket.


    THe only thing it has going for it is its visibility.

    A lawyer named Otsuka?
    Dude, C'mon.