April 22, 2007

Which is sweeter?

My girlfriend managed to control herself when we saw
“number one on her list” Jake Gyllenhaal at Uchi on Saturday night,

but this great use of packaging at our table couldn’t compete for her attention.

Alma at Marketing Mommy wrote these and here's Scott Ginsberg’s post.


  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Sorry, you don't know me, but man! We almost went there on Saturday, but my boyfriend wanted BBQ. Which he eats all. the. time.

    Do you mind elaborating on Jake, to make up for my near miss? Was he with Lance Armstrong? Reese Witherspoon? Heath Ledger?

    You probably didn't notice how he looked, but did your girlfriend have any comments?

  2. Anonymous6:48 PM

    The anon. poster above doesn't even live in TX and most likely doesn't even have a BF. Do yourself a favor and ignore, trust me. You don't want to involve yourself with Jake Gyllenhaals's online/stalker fans, scary.