March 30, 2007

This isn't moving forward

So I'm on the phone right now with Toyota Financial Services about my car payment. Camilla, their polite customer service rep just asked me to hold. And the music now coming over the line is "This is Our Country."
Yes. That's right, Toyota is playing me the John Mellencamp tune that achors Chevrolet's latest campaign.

Toyota: "Our hold music."



  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    There was a big article in Vanity Fair a few months ago about how Mellencamp has been slighted by the country/rock music scene and thinks that Chevy is the best agent he ever had... Add Toyota on there too I guess.

    Toyota might as well replace their hold music with desperate pleas like, "You know our cars are more American than Fooooorrrrrddd's...."

  2. i hate that song.