November 8, 2006

Stop calling your ad a "film" and watch these instead

Saw Putney Swope for the first time last night. My only advice this week is to watch it. Shot straight up my top 5 list of favorite ad related movies:

1. Putney Swope
A black man is accidentally promoted to agency chairman and shakes things up. Satire at its finest. Plus, it's got boobies. (Bouncing, no less. And long before The Man Show put girls on a trampoline.)

2. Lost in America
Albert Brooks quits his agency gig to cruise in a Winnebago. Confirmed that I couldn’t possibly do anything else with my life besides try to create great advertising.

3. Advertising Rules!
An Art Director is torn between his work and his girl. (Sound familiar?)

4. How to Get Ahead in Advertising
Working in advertising drives an exec to grow an evil second head. This one is better than the bad pun in the title would imply.

5. Crazy People
The folks Dudley Moore hires out of the asylum are almost as sane as my coworkers at the Cavalry.

Dropped from the Top 5. Big
Yeah, I know Tom Hanks works for a toy company, but the scene when his new comic book idea gets killed due to office politics might as well be set in an agency.

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