March 18, 2010

Is promotion a form of art?

Starbucks is creating art out of different blends of coffee today at the Flat Iron Building.

Even better, you can trade in a disposable cup for a branded reusable mug.


  1. Nicked from Twinings or the other way around? In fact they're probably the same company, or nicked it from someone else in the first place...


  3. "is promotion a form of art?" Absolutely. The things people are doing now a days to create a new interesting ad or promotional campaign is creative as any art form. Making art out of coffee and promoting recycling with the exchange of a disposable cup for a new mug, in my opinion is art. Promotional campaigns now a days have taken a whole new creative angle. Like Starbucks has illustrated here. I think it takes an artistic person to come up with and put these plans into action.