January 23, 2009

Do you trust me?

I’m sure you already know that Trust Me, TNT’s new show set in an ad agency, premieres Monday.

I’ve already seen the pilot and it’s a good show.
I thought most of the concepts they present are ridiculous (but so are most of the ones I come up with.)

"A new series about good guys and ad guys."

"Trust me... dogs love me, I'm an idealist, I don't do deadlines."

"Trust me... people respect me, I'm a realist, corner offices are good."


  1. Copy Gal4:26 PM

    Trust me ...

    I worked at Saatchi.

  2. Ernie the Creative Director4:27 PM

    Trust me ...

    If you want to look creative, wear all black.

  3. The Copy Maven4:28 PM

    Trust me ...

    I eat Art Directors for lunch.
    And I Google myself.