October 5, 2010

Can you do a good ad for a bad product?

Of course you can do "great creative" for something you don't believe in. But it's much better to have something authentic to say that you can get behind.

Besides being nice to look at, this ad makes me believe that it's a quality product - just in a bad category.


  1. Anonymous7:02 PM

    I think Seth Godin said it best, it's like a lawyer, you have to decide whether or not you're ok with representing someone who is guilty.

  2. I especially enjoy the use of old typefaces in the making. It really punches home the whole 'past' notion.

    I also believe that yes, it's possible to make a good ad for a bad product. Whether the product is bad morally or intrinsically it simply sucks is not the issue. It is possible to make a good ad for everything. You just have to be able to neutralize your bias towards or away from the product, ingest all the information about them you can and then sit there bouncing a ball off a wall for 3 days or so. You'll eventually come up with genius. It's all about getting past your moral views (just like DE's comment above suggests) and realizing that this is just another product selling to another market, and you've been hired to get that product sold.

  3. Sure. And here's another good question - can you pick a good spokesperson for a bad website? Sure you can!

  4. Moral dilemma? Maybe. But when it comes to advertising...I love authenticity!

  5. Great example of a good ad for a bad product, personally I wouldn't do it. I'll let other people cash in on changing the world towards worse, I'll keep promoting products that are changing the world towards the better, or at least are neutral.